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Smoke Detector Alarm Systems

Every year, hundreds of thousands of fires occur resulting to deaths, injuries and loss of property. Nobody would want to see their home go up in flames, which is why it is a must to invest in a good smoke alarm system. Not only will the neighbours and the fire department be immediately notified, but the damage can be lessened as well.

Prevent Fires from Destroying Your Home by Installing Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are probably one of the most common contraptions that you will see in homes, offices and other establishments.  They’re basically self-contained devices which work by alarming once smoke is detected. When you look up a typical home’s ceiling – especially in the kitchen – you are bound to see a hand-sized contraption which is the smoke detector.  Having a smoke detector alarm once smoke is detected can give you those precious minutes when you and your family members of office colleagues can leave the premises in safety.

Depending on the size of the room where you wish to install a smoke detector, there are different types that you can choose from. They can either be used for residential or commercial purposes – you just need to make sure that the model, type and brand that you are buying is reliable enough.

To give you an idea about the options which are available out there, here is a quick list of the types of smoke alarms or smoke detectors available:

1.     Ionisation Smoke Detectors

This is probably the cheapest smoke detector available in the market today. Ionisation smoke alarms work by detecting smoke which might have gotten too thick and can start a fire in your home or office.

2.     Optical Smoke Detectors

This is a more expensive type of smoke alarm, but is more effective at detecting larger particles of smoke caused by slow-burning fires.

3.     Combined Smoke Detectors

Finally, you can opt for this type of smoke alarm which is a combined optical and ionisation detector, to prevent both slow-burning and smouldering fires from worsening.

What’s the Best Place to Buy Quality Smoke Detectors?

Although smoke detectors are abundantly sold in the market, it pays to purchase ones which come from reliable companies. One example is Perfection Detection which has a complete range of world-class security systems and equipment. Smoke detectors are part of the comprehensive line of security products that they offer which include control panels, power supplies, motion detectors, glass detectors, CCTV and supplement fire systems.

It is definitely better to be safe than sorry – so now is as good a time as any to invest in a good security system for your home or office, which should include quality smoke detectors.