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Residential Security Systems

There are many suggestions that our Perfection Detection staff suggest to our customers.  The golden rule in home security is to ensure that your property does not present an opportunity.  A would-be burglar will look for sign of an alarm. Let him know he cannot enter your home unnoticed.  Over 40% of home burglaries are termed by police as "no force" entries. Doors or windows that are left unlocked allow easy access to the home.  Ideally, all exterior doors should be made of solid wood. If you have glass in your exterior doors, the burglar can simply smash the glass and open the door.  Sliding glass doors are another easy way in. They are usually at the rear and can often be lifted out of their frame.  An unsecured garage door presents an opportunity for a burglar to enter your property if your garage is attached to the home, or to find tools to assist him.  An unlocked shed or outbuilding likewise presents an easy target.  The burglar can use your own tools to enter your home or take valuables such as bikes and lawnmowers.  A dark property is always attractive.  90% of all intruders choose not to enter a residence that is well lit so keep the main entryways and exterior sections of your home lit, either constantly or using a motion sensor.  Overgrown bushes and trees close to your home allow a burglar to hide and can provide a leverage to higher windows.

A quick escape is important for a burglar, so high fences or hedges are a real deterrent.  Burglars prefer to target empty residences.  Stop the newspapers when you go on vacation and have a neighbor pick up your mail.  Residential burglars are usually opportunists so make sure your home does not present the opportunity they are looking for Have your home protected with a Perfection Detection Security system, we always like to see people before a break in and not after, thinking ahead is always a better way to go providing  security for your property and preventing your home from being ransacked is extremely important. Prevent that sense of violation knowing there were strangers in your home. We specialize in residential security we provide exactly what you need at an affordable cost.  We provide your insurance company with security certificates for reduction of your homeowners policy.  It’s just a smart preventative way to go.

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