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Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security Alarm Systems helps to protect your business that you have invested time, money and hard work into.  Would it make sense to have tens of thousands or even millions worth of inventory but no way to protect it from theft or vandalism?  Or to risk the invaluable customer data that modern criminals crave?
Burglar alarm systems can prevent the havoc and disruption caused by theft and break-ins.  With a monitored burglar alarm system installed, your business benefits are two-fold - you prevent people from breaking in and stealing or damaging your merchandise, equipment and information, and you also maintain your ability to keep your business running.  You may never need it, but the small total cost will pale in comparison to the losses you could realize without protection - your equipment, merchandise, customer information, operation uptime, and even employee confidence that you run a safe work environment.
Perfection Detection Security offers a full array of commercial security products and specializes in commercial security, providing a high level of protection and integrity.  Our services just don’t stop at keeping the bad guys out.  We can keep track of who opens at the beginning of the day and who closes at night.  Perfection Detection can help with preventing personnel access to certain areas with providing an audit trail these vital reports can be emailed to you discreetly and seamlessly.  Our high resolution camera systems provide the eyes when not present to prevent theft and to keep an eye on the daily operations of your business. These security services allow you to run your business without wasting down time keeping an eye on things while your business flows. We provide full mixed packages and special pricing for start up companies Your business is our business because we care

  • All technicians are licensed by New York, Connecticut, New Jersey
  • No charge to switch services
  • Employee open and close reports
  • Remote CCTV monitoring
  • Quality products
  • UL Central Station Monitoring of all makes and models
  • Services specifically designed to meet your needs
  • Fire, theft, and intruder protection
  • Door Access control