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Burglar Alarms

A Perfection Detection Security system will always have a Control Panel. The Panel acts as the brain of the system, like the processor of a computer. The Panel will receive the signals from various sources and determine what action to take. Calling the fire department when a heat sensor is activated or turning off the alarm when the personal code is entered are examples of actions the panel may take.The most basic alarm system will usually have door and window contacts. These are magnets, discretely set on both sides of a door or sliding window that send an alarm signal when the magnets lose contact. They can be wireless or hardwired. As is the case with all of the hardwired equipment, if the wires are cut the alarm is automatically activated.  The system is controlled by keypads that can be wireless or hardwired. Your personal code arms and disarms the system. The Vista Interactive Phone Module can also turn any on-premise phone into a keypad, minimizing the need for additional keypads. Several different codes can be entered for each family member or employee or even temporary houseguests.The next step towards securing any home comes in the form of a glassbreak sensor. A glassbreak sensor is mounted on either the window (shock sensor) or a wall or ceiling (acoustic). An acoustic sensor will filter out most background noise and respond to the unique sound of breaking glass. One sensor can cover several windows. A shock sensor will literally feel the shock from shattering glass.Like all the security devices we sell, the passive infrared motion detectors (PIR’s) that we carry are extremely discreet. The PIR works by detecting an intruder’s body heat as they move through the protected zone. They can even distinguish between a dog and an intruder.Most of our security systems send a signal to our central monitoring station, The alarm system will send a coded signal to the station and the technician who receives it will respond according to the signal. Panic buttons, for example, will elicit a direct police dispatch. This ensures a quick response without alerting an intruder to one’s presence.  For a higher level of security we recommend and offer a long range radio backup. The radio sends a redundant signal via radio waves and is impenetrable to tampering. The radio’s we sell will receive and transmit signals even in remote locations.

Fire Alarms

Could you be overlooking the importance of fire detection in your home or business? Most people at least lock their doors before leaving the house, yet few regularly test their smoke detectors. Fire is most devastating when there is no one home to alert the authorities. Thousands of homes, businesses, garages, even stables are destroyed by fire every year. A Perfection Detection monitored fire alarm system will alert both the occupants and the local fire department of a problem in the crucial first moments of a fire. Rather than worry about phoning the fire department, a monitored home or business can focus on the most important task of securing the safety of all occupants. Furthermore, a monitored home or business can rest easy knowing that even when no one is home we are taking care of the fire security. Fire protection from Perfection Detection Security means not having to wait until a neighbor notices flames billowing from your premise before the fire department is dispatched. The fire department will be dispatched at the first detection of trouble. If you are worried that you may not have adequate fire protection, call us to arrange a security survey. We will give you our honest, professional opinion.

Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television is a security feature that has many practical applications besides crime deterrence. We have been installing CCTV units long before they were as popular as they are today. The video output of the cameras can be monitored via on premise television or over the web via a secure connection. CCTV is ideal for businesses with high security needs or highly-valued. You may also desire a CCTV unit to monitor the perimeter of your house. Many parents find a rightful feeling of security in being able to visually monitor their baby from any room in the house. Cameras come in many different sizes and shapes,They also can be installed in areas where there is very little light, Our night vision cameras provide extraordinary images in conditions not favorable for a cctv camera. Our work horse flat screen high resolution monitor can provide high end imagery at a low cost. Video is stored on a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and can be accessed locally on premise or remotely anywhere in the world from a secure connected computer. Contact us, and one of our specialists would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the potential of a CCTV system

Central Station Monitoring

At Perfection Detection Security our goal is to provide our customers the needed attention and response they expect. Our central station operators are courteous responding to situations that arise quickly and promptly. We monitor all types of systems and conditions weather dispatching local police and fire departments or just notifying a client to a particular situation, you can rely on Perfection Detection Security to get the job done. Our Central Station services are provided in a top notch highly secure environment. We are a UL listed central station which means there are annual inspections from Underwriters Laboratory and is fully backed up with backup generators and redundant receiver modules. All personnel are required to access the facility with a high security access card. Perfection Detection offers high end central station monitoring at low end pricing. We service and monitor new and existing systems, including environmental conditions, our staff is here to provide unsurpassed monitoring services that we are known for.