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World Class Security Systems & Equipment

Our products range from just about anything on the market that evolves low voltage wiring our highly trained staff is experienced in all types of low voltage products . Security system products include many types of security control panels and arm/disarm control keypads. Door and window contacts which protect against entry to unpermitted areas. Glass detectors protect against the breakage of glass, while motion detectors provide protection against movement. Environmental products provide notification in situations that can cause costly damage to your home or business, these products include low temperature devices to protect from freezing pipes, high water detectors to detect unwanted water, Sump pump high water detectors to provide notification of sump pump malfunction.

Communication is an important component in a security system this communication is transmitted via local dial-tone. Perfection Detection offers a high security backup radio to ensure this important information is received by the central station. Fire alarm protection is the most important component in a security system weather interfaced with a security system or part of a dedicated stand alone system these life safety products are what one relies on in an emergency situation.  A Fire alarm cont rol center is the heart of a fire alarm system, this main hub provides all protection, notification and communication functions necessary to save lives and property, Products used to detect fire conditions include photoelectric smoke detectors monitor smoke that passes through its chamber while combustion smoke detectors constantly measure combustion, other detectors include heat detectors which monitor heat. Large areas can be protected by installing smoke beam detectors which monitors for smoke passing through its field. Manual pull stations can also be used to notify the fire dept. in an emergency situation.

Notification devices notify the public in an emergency situation to permit egress and evacuation, these devices include horn/strobes which emit a high intensity light pulse and audible sounder. These systems require specific installation guidelines and are governed by the National Fire Protection agency and local jurisdictions. Perfection Detection Security offers a full line of Video products CCTV (closed circuit television) is a popular way to monitor and record activity. The heart of a CCTV system is the DVR (digital video recorder) this is the hub where video is being collected ,recorded and distributed for both commercial and residential spaces.

CCTV cameras come in many different sizes and shapes there are full bodied cameras, dome cameras, bullet cameras and covert cameras these are the eyes of a CCTV system. This system can be viewed locally on site via a high resolution flat screen monitor or via a secure internet connection, all video information can be archived and store on different media formats, a USB thumb drive, a removable DVD or remote storage. Perfection Detection Security installs integrated systems to monitor and control traffic, this is done by means of an access system, this system also has a main hub which is the heart of an access system here is where information is gathered which allows and denies access to restricted areas at this location information is gathered and documented for future reference. The main hub has the capability to accept a numeric access pad, magnetic card, proximity card, finger print reader or eye retina scanner to gain or deny access to specific areas, these doors are also controlled by time schedules. REX (request to exit) motion detectors or manual push buttons allow egress to such areas. These are a few of many electronic systems that Perfection Detection Security can provide.

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