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Glass Break Security Detectors

Did you know that for most people, unless a second loud crash is heard within the neighborhood, they would not even investigate to see what the noise was about? They usually chalk it up to their imagination, or the loud crash being a mere accident.

However, for intruders, it only takes the breaking of one glass panel to get into your home, steal your valuables and invade your privacy.  This is precisely the reason why it pays to not just have a security system for possible fires and thefts – but also glass detectors which will alarm in case a glass panel in your home breaks.

The Role Played by Glass Detectors in Home Security Systems

When you order a typical home alarm system, it may not necessarily be triggered by the motion or noise made by breaking glass. But what if an intruder in your home manages to make very little noise while breaking your window’s glass panel and the alarm did not sound off? If nobody in the neighborhood notices, your home will be broken into and your valuables will be stolen in no time at all. This just goes to show how important it is to get a separate glass detector if it is not already part of a sophisticated security system in your home or office.

The way that glass detectors work is by the alarm being triggered by the sound or vibration for breaking glass. The good thing about adding glass detectors to your existing home security system is that the types range from the basic to the more high-tech glass detectors – so there’s something for every need and budget.

The first models of glass detectors were made of metal foils encased on circuits which were triggered when glass breaks. Today, the more advanced glass detectors work through audio verification and sensor technology which trigger the alarm.

Glass Detectors from Perfection Detection

So if you want to install a new glass detector alarm system or replace the old one that you have, what’s the best place to buy? Just as it is when buying any type of product, you need to look for a company which has sufficient experience in installing and manufacturing reliable alarm systems for homes and offices.

That is exactly what Perfection Detection does – they have more than three decades of experience in dealing with security systems. Aside from glass detectors, they have a complete line of individual security products like control panels, power supplies, motion detectors, smoke detectors, CCTV security systems, fire systems, telephone systems and keypads.

No matter what your home or office security needs are, Perfection Detection can deliver in terms of quality and the reliability of security products that they have.