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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 17:53

Crime rates affecting metropolitan Population

Are crime rates in your area on the rise? Are crimes rates around the country on the rise? The easiest way to answer this is to say it depends on where you live. Many communities across the country have either maintained low crime rates, or even reduced them in recent years. Some of these metropolitan areas include Dayton, OH, Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO and Buffalo, NY. In these metropolitan areas, personal and property crime rates are well below national crime rates, and historically have been. On the flip-side are the Metropolitan Areas that are proving to be quite dangerous in which to live. Personal crimes are high, and property crimes, in most instances, are even higher. Areas like Memphis, TN, Miami, FL, Las Vegas, NV, and New Orleans, LA. Some of these areas - Memphis as an example - have property crimes that are more than 3 times the national average. I point out the differences between the lowest and highest metropolitan crime rates across the country for the purpose of informing you of what happens to the population base of a big city when crime rates are high. In short, according to one very extensive study, one person moves out of a metropolitan area for every reported crime. The University of Michigan conducted a study that focused exclusively on the link between population and changes in crimes rates of more than 100 American cities since 1970. The results confirmed that big cities with declining populations have crime, in part, to thank. Not only will one person move out of a big city for every reported crime, but as crime rates escalate the numbers get worse. A ten percent increase in crime rates corresponds to a full one percent decline in city population. This means that most of the effect of high crime on a city's population is an increase of residents leaving the city, rather than a decrease in new residents moving in. Almost all of the crime-related impact on the mobility of residents arises from increased out-migration, which is evidenced by the large number of people leaving versus a small number coming into large cities with high crime rates. What does all this mean for those who choose to stay? It means that crime rates are up, population is down, and the chances of you becoming the victim of a property crime is rising each day. If you don't do something about the security of your home, it is only a matter of time before you become a crime statistic of one kind or another. Neighborhood groups and Block Watch programs continue to prove their effectiveness around the country. Additionally, a professionally installed and monitored home security burglar alarm system can make your home up to three times safer than a home with no security system installed. You can choose to fight back to gain control of your community, and in doing so will be taking part in helping people stay in the cities they love, rather than leaving for some place they'd rather not live but deem safer. Do something today and see what a difference you can make.
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