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Monthly Specials (2)

Tuesday, 02 November 2010 16:32

Long Range Back-up Radio

Written by Tony Ariniello
Our high security long range back up radio is our second product always part of our monthly special. This device ensures communication between your home or buisness and your central station. Its important that the people who provide vital dispatching are able to get help with out the disruption of downed or faulty phone lines, especially with more people switching to the less dependable VOIP services ie."Triple Play",broadband,cable company phone service ect. If you need police or fire , this device will ensure they get there.
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 16:22

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors

Written by Tony Ariniello
Carbon Monoxide gas detectors are always part of our monthly specials because its always important to protect your family against this odorless killer. We have saved lives by installing these devices for our clients. These are not Home Depot units they cover a wider range of gas detection and allow notification of life span expiration (which is 5 years from time stamp)after that the unit is not capable of sensing gas and must be replaced. Please note this device is one of the most important pieces of your security/fire system.

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