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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 18:03

New Napco Fire Wolf Control Center

Written by Tony Ariniello
Firewolf 24V Commercial Intelligent Addressable Fire Panel, NFPA72-compliant, up to 96 outputs, 4 onboard NACs (6.5A total), expandable to 24, built in Sync/Strobe/Horn Module (System Sensor & Wheelock) and dual line DACT plus optional TCP/IP reporting. Features remote Smoke Obscuration Reporting. Nearly a mile., max. wire run – any wire type –ideal for retrofits. Also supports legacy and conventional (12V)devices, too and more of them per loop! Powerful battery capacity up to 32Ah total. Gemini-C Commercial Addressable/Conventional 255-Zone Burglary System; Supports full line of new GEMC Commercial-rated conventional, addressable or wireless devices simultaneously on from 8 to 255 zones, with partitioning. UL Merchantile. GEM-C Combination Burglary/Access/Fire System; UL 864, 9th Edition Isolated commercial Burg./Access and Fire buses and option for separate burg/access battery backups-- easy calcs., ideal for AHJs. No costly extra Bus Isolator or Loop Isolator modules required! Integrates with GeminiAccess ACM Module. Uses familiar Quickloader Up/downloading and Gemini style keypads in burglary or fire models. *More zones – 255, 128 or 32 points *More power – 7 amps *More NAC's – Up to 4 on board *Built in strobe/horn synch *More standby power *32 Amp hour battery capacity *Regulated 24V output NAC Extender provides nearly 7A and 4 onboard NACs with up to 2A ea; up to 16Ah total battery capacity. Easily distributes synched bell and strobe outputs with built in module. Monitors AC, battery trouble, tamper and ground fault on Napco bus or provides universal FACP support. Regulated Auxiliary Power Supplies Commercial burglary or fire, 12V regulated 2A models (fire shown); or 1.75A version with plug-in transformer. Backward compatible with all Gemini Panels. Alarm panel supervised power option. Ideal for simultaneous powering of CCTV cameras. Firewolf Advanced Analog Addressable Commercial Fire Devices support auto-drift compensation and maintenance alert function Gemini-C Addressable Commercial Burglary Devices permit longest loop length, upto 10,000 feet; no repeaters necessary! Gemini-C New UL Commercial Wireless Line with supervised tamper & automatic, continuously supervised signal strength (requires no manual test activation). Gemini-C Burglary & Firewolf Menu-Driven Custom Alpha Keypads Familiar Napco ez-programming. Keypads mount anywhere on the bus. Burg model with integral 4-zone EZM. Compliances - NFPA 72, UL Commercial Fire, UL864 9th Ed., SIA CP01, UL985. UL household & commercial burg.: UL1610, UL609, UL365, UL1023 (CSFM, FM, MEA listings pending.)

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